How it works…

Step 1: Pre-inspection

We take a look at your carpet/upholstery and discuss your expectations of the clean. We talk you through the process.  We assess the type of carpet/upholstery, considering things such as the type of fibre/fabric and the types of stains/odours that need removing and talk through the wide variety of cleaning strategies available to clean. We will discuss the practicalities of the clean, including any furniture movements, drying times, and any questions you want answering, etc. We will also give the free no obligation quote based on this inspection.

Step 2: Pre-vacuum

We use our commercial twin vac vacuum cleaner. This is the start of the process of getting the deep down soil moving.

Step 3: Pre-stain removal

This is where any stubborn/difficult stains will get their first treatment, to give them the best chance of being totally removed.

Step 4: Pre-spray

This is where we apply our eco-friendly spray to your carpet. The spray in most cases, is left for 10-15 minutes and left to work itself in, to break down unwanted soils.

Step 5: Agitation

Our state of the art agitation machine gets the pre-spray deep into your carpet and lifts the soil from deep in the pile/backing.

Step 6: Hot rinse and extraction

This is where we remove all of the stains from your carpet, using our top of the range carpet and upholstery cleaning machine with an 800psi(water pressure) pump (to give you some example of the power, a Rug Doctor is 32psi, our machine is 25 times more powerful). Combine this with our triple vac extraction, not only will this remove the dirt from your carpets, it will speed up the drying process of your carpets considerably.

Step 7: Post groom/pile reset

This is where we set your carpet to its natural direction using our pile brush.

Step 8: Post cleaning inspection

This is where we take a look at the work we have done to check that all stains and odours have been removed and we welcome the customer to take a look as well, to make sure they are completely satisfied with the job we have done.

Step 9: Stain protection

This is where we will apply stain protection to your carpets if you require (please see stain protection page).

Step 10: Speed dry

By this stage, your carpets will, in 99% of cases, be dry in 1-2 hours, but if required to dry even quicker, we will use our industrial turbo dryer/air mover to speed the process up even more.

This tried and trusted process gets your carpets cleaned all the way down to the pile/backing, which will guarantee your carpets stay cleaner for longer.