Here at CCS carpet and upholstery cleaning specialists, we specialise in stain and odour removal, anything from pet stains and odours, wine stains, make-up stains, sweat stains, coffee, nicotine, grease and blood and many, many, more stains/odours.

If we can’t remove your unwanted stains and odours, nobody can.

We believe the combination of the very best equipment and training, combined with our years of experience are a winning combination in the removal of all your unwanted stains and odours. We are not a Jack of all trades, we specialise in cleaning carpet and upholstery, that’s what we do. We only use eco-friendly products to remove your stains and odours, resulting in no sticky residues and are completely safe around pets and children. We don’t mask your unwanted smells; we get to the cause of the problem and remove the problem completely, with a deep professional clean on every job. We don’t cut corners, we clean them! Using under the sink products on your carpets and upholstery, in most cases only make the stains and odours worse, by masking odours and leaving sticky, harmful residues on your carpet. Our powerful state of the art machinery leaves nothing behind, including the stains and unwanted odours.

  • We are experienced, fully trained and fully insured.
  • If we can’t remove your unwanted stains and unwanted odours, nobody can.
  • We only do deep cleans, we don’t do basic cleans, we do a professional job on every single job we do.
  • If you’re not happy you do not pay, it’s that simple. We offer a 100% money back guarantee, that you are satisfied with our work.
  • Absolutely no hidden charges, the price you are quoted is the price you will pay.

We are a long established, family run, carpet and upholstery cleaning company, covering Sutton Coldfield and surrounding areas.